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College Infracture / Facilities

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  • The feature enriched library is a learners' paradise. It is an invaluable resource with approximately 20, 000 books to cater the needs of students and faculty members. The library has a wide range of books on Nursing, Education, Medical Science, Biotechnology & allied subjects. The library subscribes to a number of foreign and Indian journals related to advanced technologies and computing too. It remains open for fairly long hours every day for the convenience of the students. The library brings out several publications for reference purposes. Reference, reprographic, database search, audio-visual facility, industrial information, press clippings, articles are made available on request.

  • The Institution offers logging & boarding facilities to the students. If required they will have to arrange their fooding. However they are allowed to run group messing in the Hostel within their own arrangement, separate hostel for boys and girls are also provided.

    Boarder will have to pay the /hostel rent of Rs. 1250/ - on or before 5th of each month late fees of Rs 50/- shall be charged if paid after 5th every month. Defaulters after 10th shall be asked to vacate the hostel and he/she shall forfeit the caution deposit in the worst case. Student in hostel

    1. A student who joined the hostel is expected to stay a minimum period two semester (one academic j year) i.e.: 12 months.
    2. The day to day affairs of the hostel will be managed by the hostel superintendent.
    3. The border has to pay 6 months hostel rent in advance at the time of admission Rs. 1250x3 = Rs. 3750/ -+ Adm. Fees Rs. 2000 = Rs.5750/-.
    4. The boarders must stay in hostel for a minimum period of 12 months. If anybody vacates the hostel before time, no money will be refunded.
    5. Inmates of each room are jointly and personally responsible for furniture fitting etc. any damage to the hostel property is
      recoverable from them.
    6. Guests or outsiders are strictly prohibited for entering to the hostels without prior permission of the warder-in-charge.
    7. The institute shall not be responsible for any personal theft or robbery of any boarder inside the hostel.
    8. Disciplinary action will be taken for the violation of rules and misconduct by hostel inmates and in all matters of discipline the
      decision of the management shall be final & legally binding, A student may be expelled from the hostel on any following grounds generally theft, ragging, use of drugs indiscipline, violation of rules, nonpayment of fees and causing damages etc.
    9. Besides these, above rules the inmates have to obey other rule which may be changed by the management of the institute from
      time to time.
    10. No Electronic equipment is allowed inside the Hostel without Prior-Permission. Legal Jurisdiction is at Bhubaneswar Court of Law.
  • The college has very well equipped Lab facilities and students are encouraged to aquire application skills and practically verify the knowledge in the class room. Various departments and programmes have their independent labs and workshops. GSN labs are amongst the best equipped in the state. Well equipped laboratories exist for biotechnology, para-medical courses, nursing and are supervised by competent faculty members and instructors.

  • BUS facilities available during practical and rural visit.

  • Currentlly we have arranged messfacilities for all hostel students .we have taking Rs 1500/-(per month) for fooding purpose.

  • The nusing school provides rural visit for all nursing students.In every weeak the school provides one day visit to the nearest villages for different activities programme for their best cariar of the students.

  • The Nursing school is tie-up with the hospital named as ANNAPURNA .

  • Students are do their practical work in the hospital.WE have make two day arrangement in a weeak for practical work for the students.